Friday, January 8, 2010 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Scrapbooking: Where to start!

I love paper crafts! Making cards is one of my favorite ways to demonstrate my love for paper. However, as I watched various videos on YouTube, I ran across several demonstrating mini scrapbook albums. I have made only three scrapbook full albums in my life…so my experience is limited and I simply got overwhelmed with all the photos I had that needed scrapbooking that I simply quit.

My first album was of a collection of school photos for a music teacher my son's had while in school. He had left a private teaching job for a local university position. The school contracted with me (as a graphic designer) to work with their yearbook annual. As I was cleaning out years of stored photos, I found many of this teacher's photographs and former students. I got the idea to create a scrapbook. There was no such animal as a scrapbook store or specialty shops to buy items to create an album, even online. So, I went to a department store craft section. I stood in an area that had scrapbook things, but was confused. So I asked a few people that came through asking them for advice. In the end, I had a great album but boy was it heavy! I had 12x12 designer paper for every single page and loads of embellishments. I had some of the students write my husband notes on their photos and even a CD of music the choirs had recorded. Beautiful, but I see now that I could have done much of it very different.

The second and third albums I created were over a weekend retreat several years ago. I took my son’s eleven years, birthing him all over again and carried him to just beyond hi eleventh birthday. It was fun, I met the challenges of completing the most pages, but I didn’t sleep the whole time…I worked, that is what I went there to do. However, my excitement wore out in the end. I never scrapbooked another thing.

Which leads me to now. I loved the mini-albums that each video on YouTube created. I thought, “This is something I can do and would love every moment of!” I thought of all the people I could make gifts for, especially the nursing home residents I have befriended. I watched, listened, took notes of items I would need, basics to get started. I love the chip board mini albums so I began there. I found various things online and ordered them.

Then I came across and online group that holds online live chat rooms for just this purpose…to talk about handmade cards and mini albums. I feel in love with a new aspect of paper arts. With advice I gained from these gals, I was able to stop my studio with products I would need. I can add photos or I don’t have to add photos…I have choices. I can create, paint, embellish, cut, fold, whatever my creative inspiration creates within me, I can do.

I am sooooo excited about this! I may ask one too many questions, but I am learning about tools and everything related to creating mini albums. So, Saturday night from 8 pm to 2 am my time, I will be online, creating. I just love technology!!!

Love and Blessings,


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