Thursday, August 18, 2011 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs


Two things to to remember throughout the year, first, being happy is a choice and, second, we have a story to tell. Those are the reasons that I love to do art for it does both through my eyes. It makes me happy and at peace. It calms my spirit. With all that life has brought me over the years, I find that when I am walking down a path I am not joyful about, I am carrying some type of art with me. Once during a medical crisis that we were walking through over a course of a summer, I made seventy-three dishcloths! Nobody needs seventy-three dishcloths in their lifetime!! Do you hear me? But it was mindless, easy and I had something to occupy my hands while we waiting, traveled and sitting.

Inside this journal, there are envelopes and tags. So I created small scrapbook/art journaling pages on them and here are two of them. The bottom piece of art was created by DeDe as a back for an ATC but I thought it would look great here with the heart I had embossed and wanted to keep...I added the stickers and whola...a cute reminder that we do indeed have a story to tell... All of my art regardless of the medium tells a story for me, it may not be written, but the story is there none-the-less. What story do you need to share? What story do you need to get off your heart that is weighing heavy on your shoulders? What joy do you need to put on paper or photo do you need to share? I ask again, what story do you have to share?

Love, Blessings, and {{{Hugs}}},


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