Tuesday, August 30, 2011 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Needling Inspiration Art Journaling Page

I love to tell a story when I art journal, scrapbook or whatever medium I am working with. It may not be evident to the person looking at it but underneath the work at hand there is a story regardless if there is one seen on top. For this particular page, the story runs from left to right and right to left plus there is a hidden element that you have to look for. The quote at the bottom was the inspiration: Make a statement. You can. Inspiring. 

The hidden element that weaves all the pieces of my work together within my soul and being is with a needle and thread wither it is imaginary or for real, it is woven with creativity and inspiration with hands and imagery that my spirit instills within my being planted with seeds that God lays within my path of artistic journey.

The clipping of the person standing firm on the ladder, makes a statement, does he/she not? Plus the camera stills the moment in time to remind me to remain firm in my belief that creativity is what I make it regardless wither anyone understands or gets it. Art is what the artist expresses and makes it, telling their story while learning and sharing techniques as they travel the journey of art.

The one technique that loved about the art journaling I did during this session was when I stamped with the water based inks and then glimmer misted the whole project when I finished, the ink ran and even smeared. The same effect happens when tapped or sprayed with water...I love love love that technique and have used it often on my art journaling pages...Also, this technique brought out the bottom layer of black paint, I wasn't expecting that to happen...a very nice sweet surprise...just another wonderful element to my story! When we create with various mediums, we often come back to what we were taught in the beginning, where we are comfortable, but when we do, we bring newness to that art medium because of all we have learned and all we have witnessed thus needling inspiration in all our art and weaving it into our journey of life. 

Love, Blessings, and {{{Hugs}}},


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