Tuesday, March 9, 2010 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Something Blue in Creativity and in Emotion

"Something Blue" for my swap partner Micki!!

Marriage is an awesome union of reflection, romance, renewal, and rewards, but it helps if love is part of the total picture even though over time it won’t sustain a couple unless there is much more. Time builds the relationship into one.  So making a mini-scrapbook album for my partner Micki wasn’t a chore at all. When she mentioned her son was getting married, I thought of “Something Blue” as my theme. Then my imagination just flowed.

Since December, I have battled every aspect of the cold season. Medication wasn’t working because my body had built a resistance to them. Then my doctor gave me a different medication that seems to be working well just in time for my asthma to kick in. However, I haven’t let these become excuses in my work. I simply put my calendar and journal beside me, sewn to the hip, if you will, and as the ideas came, I wrote about them, drew various ideas and marked my calendar with work order of ideas for each day.

I thought about this and as an artist, I find inspiration in so many different places that I need to make my calendar and journal a very important part of my identity. So, I add clips of fabric, patterned paper that I have enjoyed working with and notes throughout. God has opened my eyes to so many possibilities and resources to use in my work.

So, my challenge to you is this….keep a tablet (journal) and a calendar for one month. Write, draw, regardless of the possibility your idea could come to pass, clip news and magazine articles, etc and place them in your tablet. Then at the month’s end, write me about it, send me photos and links to your videos. I can’t wait for God to open up the opportunity for creativity in YOUR life….There are so many treasured elements that will spring from something so simple as a mini-scrapbook album. =)

This is a charm I inlcuded inside the "Something Blue" mini-album. I used a charm and added a piece of hymnal music, added some blue string, and a clip of the paper I used in the album. She can add this charm to her holiday Christmas tree, hang from her Bridal Bible or to leave inside the album as an added element.

This is the "Something Blue Bracelet" I added to the mini album for the bride to wear if she liked to reflect the old adage "Something Blue, something old, something new..." I made this will glass beads, blue pearl beads and a glass charm. Then I added a sterling silver heart shaped toggle for the closure. It is light weight and very pretty. I crossed the mediums with my paper and beading arts and love every moment of it!

The oval element with rhinestons and pink pearls is from an earring that I had in my recycle stash. I just cut the backing off the earring and added it to the Tim Holtz swival chain. Perfect touch for "Something SOOOOO Blue!"

Love, Blessings, and {{{Hugs}}},


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