Thursday, August 9, 2018 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

We are Girlfriends! The no excuse of taking time.

 It is rather funny when the generation gap is totally broke, not with the lines cut with a sharp blade of a pizza cutter, but with the teeth of a little bitty girl who ate the center of her cheese pizza totally avoiding the outside edges of the crust. When I looked around the table at her great-grandmother's individual cheese pizza and this, great aunt's pepperoni pizza, I couldn't help but laugh in my typical "y'all, Rita is in the building" laugh! All three of us had at the center out of our pizzas, but this little girl was the only one that put it back in the box in such an organized fashion. Too cute!

 We were out for a girlfriend day and it was five hours of fabulousness at Target. We were shopping for clothes, backpack, lunchbox, books and, of course, snacks. Mamaw Hutty wanted to spend time with her great-granddaughter so we picked her up for lunch and enjoyed the afternoon shopping. Mamaw had so much fun especially with the clothes. I was thrilled when the three of us were shocked that I could wear the extra large little girl clothes, trying on a denim jacket! Oh My!

The gifts we share weren't all just from the center cut of the pizza, we all love to talk, like the color red, putting our phones down (she didn't once ask or pick up her devices...I was impressed beyond belief even though her family sent one with her), chocolate, and...I was out of the loop, but they both love shopping, I am converting which my best friends is excited to see that happen I am sure. I loved shopping for the cute little clothing. Why do they not make cute clothes for us to wear like we found for her? We got two other moms and their little girls in on the fun, trying on clothes and modeling hats...only to find out from a "teacher" hats aren't allowed in school! What? Anne of Green Gables, please...seriously, cute straw hats have to be in the manual people...

 So, we shopped and shopped. I must admit, I had to get online once to find Translucent Backpacks, but then she spotted the Barbie Doll Backpack. Thank, God, seriously! I was back in my childhood. This helped in heading to the lunchbox section, even though we had to settle for a cute fluffy kitty lunch box and thermos, we did coordinate in the book and toy section with Barbie when we found Ms Barbie Backpack a friend...oh dear, just wait...

 When did we get to reality and Barbie puppy could have puppies? Is this a good thing for a child to have? This is when the great-grandmother and the great-aunt cough up to the shrug of shoulders to pretend to know nothing and buy it anyway! It is the cutest thing and think the baby puppies will either get lost or stuck inside the mommy dog's tummy and never be born. Oh dear, I am in so much trouble with the mother ship I just know it. ((Update: I wasn't!) We gave her a price range on shopping for the toy section but know a couple of things she might want for Christmas. This was a good thing for sure.

The best part of all is that Mamaw Hutty got the best day of all spending quality time with her great-granddaughter, making a memory that will last and last for both of them. I think we created more than that and it wasn't bought with money either, we created the opportunity of time. When Ms M was picked up, her mom said something that I think we all need to remember, she was talking about another child who didn't get to spend time with family, I can't remember why, but spending time shouldn't be judged by quality or quantity, but in just doing it. There just needs to be no excuses. Kids don't understand. They will never understand. Just give them time with no end. We had no agenda, just a starting time beginning with lunch. As a popular ad says, just do it. The no excuse of taking time. 

Hugs, Rita  


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