Monday, May 3, 2010 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

NSD Challenge Submissions!!!

This past weekend was NSD (National Scrapbook Day) on Saturday, May 1st. It was so much fun especially if you were attending The Scrap Beach’s NSD 24 hour online crop. Kathryn, Tammy, Jenn and Crystal did an excellent job keeping the time moving with prizes, challenges, tips, fun and conversation via Ustream and a chat room! So, without further waiting…here are my creations for the 12+2 Bonus Challenges!...

Challenge #1: “I must have that tool!” Create a layout with a tool you just had to have! So, I created a card using my BigShot, a Sizzix Pocket Die & an Embossing Sheet, all of which were must haves for me. I love the BigShot for it’s versatility with other die products plus it cuts fabric which has helped me tremendously with quilting and sewing.

Challenge #2: Stencil This! This was a challenge that wanted me to use a masking approach to scrapbooking. I picked Tim Holtz grunge board skull to create this page. I used some fun things to make this page too including a recycled flower. Can you tell what I used? It was totally a sweet approach.

Challenge #3: I {Heart} Sketches. We were given a sketch to follow for this challenge. I haven’t done very many 12x12 but decided this would be a traditional layout that I plan to add my son’s 21 birthday celebration photos and journaling, which was Friday night before the NSD so I haven’t developed the photos yet. I really love this shade of green and the flower totally pops and is easy to make.

Challenge #4: Use 2 primary colors & their 2nd’ary color. This was a challenge for me for sure….what are the primary for this? LOL, I missed that in school I suppose, but I did know that blue and yellow go well together and I stuck to those primary shades to create this card. Love the bird stamp, this was the first time I used it I think.

Challenge #5: Think outside the box. Not hard for me…I tend to be inside, outside, all over, etc…I made this card and titled it, “Don’t be square…” Loved the orange daisies on this…could be Golden Center Susan’s too…just made up a new flower, imagine that!

Challenge #6: Mother’s Day. I think I made my personal Mother’s Day card on this challenge. It isn’t the style our mother’s would like I don’t think. Jerry’s mom likes funny cards while my mother is super sentimental when it comes to cards, however, I really love the doily on this which I made using my Cricut. I know the Beach Babes are proud of me using the Green Monster (that is what I call the Cricut because it stayed in the box for 2 yrs and came with a rolling bright green case…). I used the Cricut to cut the letters as well…just don’t do them on heavy cardstock…didn’t like cutting these out in spots. LOL.

Challenge #7: ABCs of Scrapbooking. Pick a letter, any letter, and create a layout only using items that begin with that letter. I am sorry to say, this wasn’t an original thought, to use the “P” for patterned paper, it was Kathryn’s. However, the title quote I gave this page is my own as well as the design… “P is for the patterns of life that when sewn together create an amazing depth & warmth.”

Challenge #8: I {Heart} My Scrapbook Space letting it inspire you to create something for this challenge. I fell in love with this challenge! I love my studio spaces, even the annex area. It allows me the opportunity to be on call for my family while giving me creative respite and outlet within my home. So, I made a tag to hang on the door of my outside studio.

Challenge #9: Tag! You’re It! Simply use a tag so I made a tag using birds/birdcage….I totally love this. Can you see the acetate bird at the top? I so want the Sizzix birdcage die by Tim Holtz and the Serendipity (I think it is called). These on the card, were shared with me by Emma and Hope.

Challenge #10: May Day! Create a lout using items in threes. So, I created a unique object starting with a CD envelope Paula sent me. So, tell me how many 3s can you find in this photo….some aren’t so obvious either? =)  This was so much fun to make and I am so very pleased with the results...

Challenge #11: I {Heart} Challenges. We were to pick a past challenge to make this one with. I picked an April challenge…3 of the newest things added to your scrap stash and haven’t used yet. “Opening Presents”. Well, I had a couple of things in this photo that I used for the first time, (1) 3 different stamps, (2) Chalks, (3) #8 tags used for the first time during the NSD, (4) laces from Jeanette. Love these tags…oh yes…for sure. I love chalks that is for sure.

Challenge #12: No Pictures? No Problem! In this challenge we were to create a layout about an event that we don’t have photos for. Again, this was a perfect time to create this 2 page layout because the event was last night! Jerry, my DH, sent in a letter to a contact that asked “Do you know a woman who has overcome difficulties?” His letter won two tickets to see the play/musical THE COLOR PURPLE and a basket of chocolates! We had such a good time at the play and it was a wonderful event.

Bonus #2 I did before trying Bonus #1: Kick Me! Create a project that includes 3 hand cut embellishments…I made 3 pieces, the grace, the tree, the trunk and then added some embellishments given to me by Beth & Emma.

Bonus #1: Create 3 different elements using 3 different Cricut cartridges…fortunately…3 is what I have…George & Basic Shapes, Summer Vacation, and Mother’s Day 2010. This took me a while needless to say, but I found it easy in the end to use my Cricut! I can’t wait to make more fun things with it. As a result of practicing with this challenge, I made several elements for other challenges in the NSD…

NSD was such fun as is all the monthly crops! I learn so much from all the participants and get inspired from not only what they are working on but from the techiques and tips shared.  God blessed me the day I found The Scrap Beach...Totally loving who I have become and the art I create as a reasult of these amazing ladies!

Love, Blessings, and {{{Hugs}}},


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