Sunday, February 14, 2010 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

She said it just right, "Bless it's little Pentium's heart!"

My Valentine's Day gift from my son, Ethan...totally Handmade! Loving it...

“Someone asked me this morning, why do you spend time blogging online when you could just write in a journal or something?” That was quickly followed with, “Aren’t you afraid to share so much on the internet?” I just smile and say, “Are you online?” Most of the time, I find that the person has never tried social networks or blogging online or they will make excuses for not bothering with it. However, once they hear my reasons for blogging, spending time in artist chat rooms or dropping artist tips or updating my status really creates bonding relationships while building your business (on many levels), they rethink their prior observation and become inspired to at least try the world wide web.

For me, building the relationships with individuals is most important to me. As the caregiver for my father the year before he passed and now my mother and sons, I have to be available to my family 24/7 which means I may not be able to leave the house. So in the comfort of my home, I can share a meal with someone in The Netherlands or create a piece of art while sharing conversation during an online live chat. We discuss art, our work, what we are having for supper to our family. I feel connected to people outside my circle of reality.

Another benefit is what I have learned from the process of creating social networks and blogging. I have my Twitter connected to update my Facebook, social network chat rooms, blog and website all at the same time! That rocks!! With one click of the “enter” tab I can post my status, the latest artist tip I wish to share and what I am working on at that moment. I am not a technological person; I have never cared how to know something works, just as long as it does. With my trusty pink notebook laptop, I have created the most amazing network within technology just by getting online, putting aside my fear and plunging forward.

Besides, the character Dolly (played by Stockard Channing) in Must Love Dogs said it best, “Where can you pay your bills naked? This little baby works for me 24/7, bless it’s little Pentium’s heart!” There is simply no other way to describe the internet. Used wisely, maybe better fully clothed lol, one can build friendships, their business and pay their bills without leaving home; however, one can also escape the reality of home to share time with others like minded in interest or business.

Indeed, I love the blogging opportunities before us. Try it...
Love, blessings, and {{Hugs}},


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