Thursday, July 16, 2009 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Art is my respite again today...

Today has been a load of day dreaming about this piece I have been asked to make using an animal theme. What about a butterfly using wire and beading or thread and beading with a snake theme? Oh, that would be so, so, so fun in a mysterious sort of way. Maybe a black snake with golden eyes or a piercing tongue hanging in red. I will have to think about this some more. I even considered a Noah's Ark idea but this has been done often and could be a clunky and heavy piece which wouldn't appeal to me at all.

I had a moments shop time due to my dad's weakness today. I am his full-time caregiver since my parents moved in with us last fall. He is declining rapidly sadly to say. So I use my time between his morning care and evening care to play in my studio. Tomorrow, I need to run to the local bed shop (Bella Beads) and pick up some seed beads for this animal project and to make an Ivy Green bracelet which is a sewn piece.

The baby blanket is coming along great. I will post photos and instructions soon so that you can make this quick and easy pattern I created. I gave one to a family friend who is expecting their baby in August. I attached a couple of infant sleepers and a copy of the first in the Laura Ingles Wilder series....a must read with your children, plus a book is a gift forever just like that baby blacket, you are giving of yourself.

A challenge...begin now thinking of homemade/handmade items you can give for Christmas. Another challenge....make all your Christmas/Holiday cards and gift tags this year. Start now and send me photos and notes of what you gave and of the cards you make. Oh, this will be like a great blogger party....I will have my coffee cup ready with some flavored warm tea while we share....this will be so much fun....

Love and Blessings, RHC


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