Thursday, March 27, 2014 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Crocheting with T-shirts

Each month, I attend the Cullman Fiber Guild meeting where we learn a new skill or technique. This month, it was...crochet t-shirts...

If you know, then you know anything to do with repurposing or recycling, I am in my happy place. The reality shared by our instructor is also truth. In the days past, people used every scrap as a necessity because it was all they had.

I love crochet so using t-shirts wasn't new to me, but I did live the way we were taught to bind the yarn as well as cut it for use.

I also had a bit of too much fun lol! Bo Dereck...a "10"! lol 

The finished beach theme rug for my bathroom! Loving the bright sun themed colors! 

Our cat Priscilla agreed the crochet rug was the perfect touch for our space . 

Now, I am onto my next crochet t-shirt project! I really enjoy fiber and crochet, then added to these, repurposing and recycling, God has opened a new vision of opportunity. Where there is value, there is a treasure. That is how I see handmade creations. A blessing it is to use my hands to make something from an item otherwise would have been discarded. 

Hugs, Rita

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