Wednesday, April 3, 2013 | By: Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs

Crochet or Kitting with Sashay Yarn getting frustrating? Well, no more...

The technique of crocheting these scarves is fairly easy.
I have been pleased with the results thus far.

Both of these were made using Red Heart's Boutique
Sashay and the colors are vibrant and beautiful.
My photography...not so much lol.

The frustrating part for some crocheters and knitters that I have heard 
is that since it doesn't come flat, it can be crazy to do so while trying to stitch.
So, I came up with a creative way to manage it while stitching and it has actually
saved me time. I did this while watching the cooking shows at night lol...

You will need two large index cards or magazine subscription cards.

Put them together and fold one end about 2 inches in from the end.

Fold the other end over to meet the other side like a match book.

Taking your yarn, find the beginning end...

Place the frazzled "female" end inside the 2 inch fold and fold the flap over. 

Then fold the match book flap over on it.
This holds that end in place and then start winding the fiber open
around the cards.

At the end of the skein of yarn, you will have this.
It has worked great for me...
Recycling those crazy subscription cards have found a purpose as well lol...
You can even fold the label of your yarn inside the card so that
when you finish you know what you were using...
never losing what is important.
Punch a whole in all the layers and you have a place to hold
your stitch markers...
Options, Organization, baby...that's what this is about...

Hugs, Rita


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